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A Short & Easy Workout You`ll Love

Bla bla bla go workout
this photo was taken from creative commons
“Bla bla bla go workout” by Ydaliz Negrón is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 

This workout has only 6 steps, YES only 6!!!

Stretch, jog or do whatever pre-workout warm up you’re used to, then begin

Step 1) 10 Push-ups

Handsome man doing push-ups in gym
“Handsome man doing push-ups in gym” by wcn247 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

Step 2) 20 Sit-ups

Active adult athlete - Credit to
“Situps” by ilovememphis is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

Step 3) 25 squats

Kettlebell Squat
“Kettlebell Squat” by personaltrainertoronto is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Step 4) 20 lunges

TRX Bulgarian Squats
“All Smiles” by ilovememphis is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

Step 5) 80 jumping jacks

Jumpin' Jack
“Jumpin’ Jack” by rAmmoRRison is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 

60 seconds wall sits

Repeat these steps 3 times and I promise you will have a well rounded workout, and you’ll probably wake up SORE af the next morning. You can thank me later 🙂

USC Dance Team

Hi everyone, long time no see!!

I just wanted to take a moment to write about being on the dance team at my university. I’ve been dancing pretty much all my life but I always thought that once college came around dancing would be a thing of the past along with other high school adventures.

However, college started and all my friends joined the dance team of their college and I lowkey wanted to be on mine too. Then I saw the ad for the USCDT tryouts and began thinking…. what if I tried out. I asked my boyfriend, my roommate and my mom what they thought and they all pushed me try out. My moms advice was “No pierdo nada con intentarlo”. So I showed up on audition day, and for some reason for which I’m still unclear on I GOT IN!!

It’s now been an entire semester and I am LOVIN IT ❤

Now I’m not gonna lie it has been hard. getting out of practice at 11pm three times a week is hard. The workouts are intense, the tricks are hard, the girls are mean (only some), and the coaches are strict. But I’ve already met so may amazing dancers that push me to be better, and thanks to that I’m way better than I was when I got in.

well that sums up how it’s been so far, i’ll keep you posted on this adventure ❤ ❤

Resumen Nov. 7: Herramientas para Investigación

Resumen por Leilani Quinones y Adriana P. Cruz

La clase de hoy consistió en brindar distintas herramientas y opciones a los estudiantes al momento de realizar una investigación en la web. Una estrategia que muchos utilizan es la sincronización de los browsers (Firefox, Safari, Google, etc.) para así poder trabajarlos desde distintos equipos teniendo la misma información en cualquiera. El uso de los “bookmarks” durante una búsqueda es esencial para guardar paginas de interes.  Algunos ejemplos de apps que se dedican a la agrupación de “bookmarks” lo son: “Diigo” y “Feedly”.

  • Feedly
Feedly Logo
“Feedly Logo” by The Logo Smith is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

Es una aplicación que te permite organizar y acceder rápidamente desde un navegador web o de sus aplicaciones para equipos inteligentes a todas las noticias y actualizaciones de blogs y demás páginas que el sistema soporta. Este permite ordenar todos los contenidos de manera que facilita al usuario ahorrar tiempo por no tener que revisar una a una todas las fuentes de noticias. Esta aplicación está disponible tanto para Android, iOS y macOS.

Tarea: crear una cuenta en Feedly, y suscribirte a todos los blogs de tus compañeros de clase.

  • Diigo 
DEMOfall 07 Day One - Diigo
“DEMOfall 07 Day One – Diigo” by The Brian Solis is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Diigo se usa para lo que es conocido como “social bookmarking”. Una desventaja de los bookmarks es que cuando guardas un bookmark en una computadora se queda en esa computadora, a menos que uses el mismo ecosistema por ejemplo Apple. El beneficio de Diigo es que te permite guardar y compartir tus bookmarks en un mismo lugar y tenerlos disponible en cualquier momento desde cualquier computadora. También puedes usar tags para dividir los bookmarks de diferentes recursos. 

Tarea: crear una cuenta de Diigo y crear una biblioteca de bookmarks de páginas web y recursos para su proyecto final (bitcoin, realidad virtual, 3D printing etc.).


Inktober takes place during the whole month of October. Artists from all around the world participate. The challenge is to make a drawing in ink every day for 31 days and post it on any social media platform with the hashtag #inktober

I am not an artist but I look forward to Inktober every year to see peoples artwork and creativity

In this post I’m gonna post some of my favorites of this year

Inktober 2018
this photo was retrieved from Creative Commons “Inktober 2018” by Hedvig H-S is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 

The Great Hack

The Great Hack is a documentary about a data company named Cambridge Analytica which played a big part in the outcome of the 2016 presidential elections. Cambridge Analytica was taking people’s data points to target certain individuals and persuade their political opinions to what they wanted it to be. Taking people’s data can be used for good in fact it is very common, anything you do on social media can be used as data for surveys to figure out what people want to see ,what ads to place, what music to promote etc. The issue with Cambridge Analytica is that Facebook users did not know their information was being taken. The company had up to 5,000 data points on each person they analyze

The Great Hack can be found on Netflix

this tweet is an example of how we are manipulated.

Documentary Official Trailer


Privacy - Privacy Online
this photo was retrieved from Creative Commons “Privacy – Privacy Online” by perspec_photo88 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 

The internet has become the center of today’s digital era. When using the web and social media you have to agree to terms and services which no one really reads. People do not understand how much privacy they are giving away when using the internet. Even the simplest actions like connecting to free Wi-Fi can jeopardize your privacy.

The video below shows a better understanding of why you should be so cautious with the internet.

Technopedia defines internet privacy as the security level of personal data published via the internet.

You can download Opera to minimize the chance if a security breach and trackers.

My experience with the Web.

I often use web browsers as a quick search engine, searching for translations, facts, and information on certain topics.

I typically use Gmail and MiSagrado for college. When it comes to entertainment I use the web to access my Instagram and my twitter

Some positive aspects of the web include the ability to access information from just about anywhere in the world. I consider the web a positive thing because it allows me to stay connected with society and friends. However some negative aspects of the Web include situations like cyber-bullying, identity theft, cat-fishing etc.

I believe I could live without the Web if it was absolutely necessary to my survival, regardless of that I don’t think I can live without it, I typically spend around 2-3 hours on the Web from my phone.

One of the things that make the Web so amazing is how easy it is to access

Mobile Web browser
This photo was taken from “Mobile Web browser” by Stefano Tirloni is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
Image taken from Instagram

Recently companies have been taking advantage of the advertisement opportunities that the web offers. Ads have taken over all social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

This image was taken from Twitter

Another reason why the web is so powerful is because of the wide variety of things you can do with it, create websites, games, blogs, sell things, buy things etc. the web has evolved to a point in which you can buy groceries and have them delivered to your door all within the comfort of your phone!

Armando Ferreira created a video on how to make a website in less than an hour. This is just one example of the endless possibilities within the web. The video also shows how EASY it is to create a website, anyone can do it.